Chalgrove Festival 2017
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Race Series
01 May 2017
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Race No
Chip Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1283Simon Fisher00:35:3000:35:30M Male (age 16-39)1Male1
2375Paul Wileman00:36:5000:36:47MV40 Male (age 40-49)1Male2
3215Robert Dean00:36:5300:36:50M Male (age 16-39)2Male3
4251Michael Pearce00:37:0000:36:57M Male (age 16-39)3Male4
5207Terry Cooper00:38:1000:38:04M Male (age 16-39)4Male5
6204Tristan Clarke00:38:1200:38:08M Male (age 16-39)5Male6
7469Paul Gregory00:38:2100:38:16MV60 Male (age 60+)1Male7
8367Damon Smith00:38:2700:38:24MV40 Male (age 40-49)2Male8
9316Chris Colbeck00:38:3100:38:26MV40 Male (age 40-49)3Male9
10280Jeffrey Trybus00:38:3300:38:30M Male (age 16-39)6Male10
11262Richard Taylor00:38:4500:38:42M Male (age 16-39)7Male11
12269Ed White00:39:1000:39:04M Male (age 16-39)8Male12
13203Seth Cayley00:39:2200:39:17M Male (age 16-39)9Male13
14450Steve Sharples00:39:2900:39:25MV50 Male (age 50-59)1Male14
15342Ranil Jayatillake00:39:3300:39:25MV40 Male (age 40-49)4Male15
16420Anthony Lock00:39:3400:39:29MV50 Male (age 50-59)2Male16
17428Mark Richards00:39:3700:39:32MV50 Male (age 50-59)3Male17
18240Simon Lerigo00:39:4100:39:36M Male (age 16-39)10Male18
191Ben Leftley00:39:4400:39:38M Male (age 16-39)11Male19
20209Kevin Cremona-Howard00:39:4800:39:35M Male (age 16-39)12Male20
21384Tom Ball00:40:1100:40:07MV40 Male (age 40-49)5Male21
22241Matthew Lock00:40:2800:40:23M Male (age 16-39)13Male22
23275Alexander McKend00:40:3300:40:21M Male (age 16-39)14Male23
24285Sam Dear00:40:3700:40:32M Male (age 16-39)15Male24
25267Martin Walker00:40:5900:40:56M Male (age 16-39)16Male25
26313Matthew Brown00:41:0900:41:03MV40 Male (age 40-49)6Male26
27265Mike Unwin00:41:1800:41:15M Male (age 16-39)17Male27
28358Chris Payne00:41:2300:41:13MV40 Male (age 40-49)7Male28
29256Kelvin Rogers00:41:2600:41:23M Male (age 16-39)18Male29
30351James Messer00:41:2900:41:21MV40 Male (age 40-49)8Male30
31270Peter Wright00:41:3400:41:17M Male (age 16-39)19Male31
32372Lawrence Wardle00:41:3700:41:25MV40 Male (age 40-49)9Male32
33276Chris Morgan00:41:4500:41:39M Male (age 16-39)20Male33
34115Rebecca Campbell00:41:4700:41:41FV35 Female (age 35-44)1Female1
35303Paul D Anderson00:41:5400:41:49MV40 Male (age 40-49)10Male34
36235Garry James00:41:5800:41:53M Male (age 16-39)21Male35
37264Chris Turnbull00:42:1000:42:00M Male (age 16-39)22Male36
38365Steve Robinson 00:42:1100:42:08MV40 Male (age 40-49)11Male37
39286Lee Godber00:42:2300:42:18M Male (age 16-39)23Male38
40210Joe D'Angelo00:42:2800:42:21M Male (age 16-39)24Male39
41423Brian Moore 00:42:3300:42:19MV50 Male (age 50-59)4Male40
42232David Hope00:42:4800:42:39M Male (age 16-39)25Male41
43307Jon Barker00:42:5000:42:36MV40 Male (age 40-49)12Male42
44426Andrew Newton00:42:5200:42:47MV50 Male (age 50-59)5Male43
45309Paul Brame00:42:5800:42:43MV40 Male (age 40-49)13Male44
46228Sam Gray00:43:0100:42:53M Male (age 16-39)26Male45
47350Andrew Maskell00:43:0500:43:00MV40 Male (age 40-49)14Male46
48412Carl Gaden00:43:0800:42:42MV50 Male (age 50-59)6Male47
49218Joel Floyd00:43:1700:43:12M Male (age 16-39)27Male48
50346Peter King00:43:2300:43:18MV40 Male (age 40-49)15Male49
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